Your Child’s Health Comes First

Safety Guidelines That Keep All Safe & Virus-Free

Your Child’s Health Comes First

Safety Guidelines That Keep All Safe & Virus-Free

Preschool & Child Care Center Serving Fishers, IN

Regular Handwashing Eliminates The Virus

Your child, their friends, and teachers wash their hands with soap and warm water at regular intervals throughout the day, before and after eating, after outdoor play, and after using the bathroom, keeping hygiene standards high.

Temperature Checks Promote Accountability

Daily temperature checks are a part of your child’s daily routine; both children and staff members undergo checks for signs of fever. This ensures that everyone on-site is symptom-free and helps to ensure a virus-free environment.

Social Distancing Gives Needed Space To All

Drop-off and pick-up adjustments help to maintain necessary social distancing requirements. In addition, re-design of classrooms, adjusted activities, and rotated schedules keep everyone safe and virus-free.

Smaller Class Sizes Reduce Transmission

The center takes the prevention of illness seriously, and your child’s classrooms are now smaller and socially distanced to help reduce the spread of virus by minimizing mixing among groups.

Hourly Sanitization Keeps Spaces Sparkling

Everything your child touches undergoes hourly sanitization to maintain a virus-free environment. High touchpoints like doorknobs and light switches receive special attention to minimize the risk of transmission.


  • Infants | Smalls: 0 – 16 Months
  • Toddlers | Junior Scouts, Stuart Littles: 12 Months – 2 Years
  • Preschool | Scouts & Stuarts: 2 – 3 Years
  • Pre-K | Sawyers & Sherlocks: 3 – 5 Years
  • Infants 1:4
  • Toddlers 1:5
  • Preschool 1:10 
  • Pre-K 1:12
Your child’s loving educators each hold a degree or Childcare Development Associate (CDA) or are working towards their CDA.

Staff thoroughly sanitize classrooms and learning spaces hourly throughout the day. An on-site cleaning team carries out a deep clean every day to ensure surfaces are spotless.

  • Restricted fob-access controls ensure only authorized people can enter the front door.
  • Tall privacy fences at our Fishers drive location, mask classrooms and playgrounds from the street.
  • Internal-use security cameras keep watch.
  • All teachers are CPR & first aid certified.
  • Classroom live streaming.
  • Transparent communication through your parent app.

How Old Is Your Child?


0 – 16 months


1 - 2 Years


2 – 3 years


3 – 5 years